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Linda Peacock has used her artistic talents and created Hidden Talents.

Linda Peacock CRI, CRFI, CRWI

I was born and raised in New Zealand to an English mother and a New Zealander father. My father was an artist and I used to watch him paint with fascination. I moved to England in 1980.

I never had the opportunity to pursue my longing for art until my youngest child was at playgroup. I then completed a watercolour and drawing class for over two years and loved every minute of it.

Many years went by but it wasn’t until I reduced my working hours that I had the opportunity to explore painting again in different mediums. After going to a craft fair I came across an artist who was demonstrating the “Bob Ross” oil painting technique. I found this style of painting fascinating and it gave me the freedom to express myself on canvas. Encouraged by my husband Doug and my family I have continued to paint with a passion ever since. I recall memories of my beautiful homeland as inspiration for some of my paintings. I also have a love of colour and try to inject this into my art.

In 2010 I become a Certified Ross Instructor and am currently teaching classes in the Bedfordshire Area.

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